How to concatenate vertical column in Excel into one string?

Working with magento you often come across .csv or even excel files needed for import, export or reports. And sometimes you need excel to work or visualize data and even to to use excel functions. So how to concatenate vertical column in Excel into one string?
There is a yahoo answers which is not so good.
I have a straightforward solution using an excel formula for any number of rows. You have your column containing let’s say the country codes.
Fist step:
In B1 the second column first row you write the same value from A1 from the first column first row.
Second step:
Now for B2, the second row second column you write the formula =CONCATENATE(A2,”,”,B1)
Third step:
Now in your second column B, you simply drag the formula for all the cells in the column. In the last cell you’ll find your solution.
In the sample file I provide provide an excel find in which you can find my solution.

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